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The latest tech news about the world's best (and sometimes worst) hardware, apps, and much more. From top companies like Google and Apple to tiny startups vying for your attention, Verge Tech has the latest in what matters in technology daily.

Google Pay will support mobile checking accounts starting next year

GM-backed electric truck startup Lordstown Motors is going public

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The best laptop you can buy

From ultraportables to high-powered editing machines, here are the best laptops to get right now

What to expect from Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 event this week

We might also see a sequel to the beleaguered Galaxy Fold

How to preorder the Google Pixel 4A

It’ll release on August 20th

Dish’s next step into wireless service is buying another small provider

The Dell XPS 13, Dell XPS 15, HP Elite Dragonfly, Surface Laptop 3, MacBook Pro, and Lenovo Yoga C740.
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Apple’s AirPods with a wireless charging case are cheaper than ever today at Amazon


Google Pixel 4A review: back to basics for $349

Stripped to just the phone essentials, but it gets them right

Valorant’s new skin line turns your gun into a cyberpunk sticker book

Google announces Pixel 5, Pixel 4A 5G, and Pixel 4A all at once

Why Microsoft wants TikTok

Google invests in ADT, will integrate its Nest devices into smart home business