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EU launches full investigation into Google’s Fitbit acquisition over health data fears

SpaceX capsule swarmed by boaters after successful splashdown

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon successfully returns NASA astronauts back to Earth

Hey murder hornet how’s it going

How to watch two NASA astronauts journey home in SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule

Live coverage begins at 5:15PM ET

Researchers become their own lab rats with DIY coronavirus vaccine

Rocket Lab says it has approval to return to flight after losing a rocket during launch


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SpaceX’s Crew Dragon slated to bring NASA astronauts home for the first time this weekend


There’s unproven tech in the NBA’s COVID-19 prevention plan

FCC approves Amazon’s internet-from-space Kuiper constellation of 3,236 satellites


NASA’s life-hunting Mars rover is officially on its way to the Red Planet

How to watch NASA launch its next rover to Mars

‘Antibodies (Do you have the)’ is the song of our pandemic summer

A stowaway helicopter on NASA’s Mars rover will attempt the first flight on another world

Kodak is branching out into pharmaceuticals with US investment

Voters want Facebook to be accountable for climate misinformation, poll finds

Virgin Galactic unveils the interior cabin of its tourist spaceplane

Each passenger gets a tailored seat and a spectacular view

What happens when you reach your limit online

President Trump Leaves White House For Trip To Georgia


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NASA’s new Mars rover is about to embark on a hunt for ancient alien life

Trump’s vehicle emissions rollback faces EPA Inspector General probe

Antivirus: A weekly digest of the latest COVID-19 research

How the world’s biggest general science society is tackling racism

Russia just tested satellite-destroying tech in space, US Space Command claims

US Space Force explains why its logo isn’t a Star Trek ripoff