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What to buy, what you shouldn't, and how to use it all.

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Lenovo’s Legion 5i is a gaming laptop of few compromises and few perks

It’s faster than the IdeaPad Gaming 3, and as a result, it’s not as budget friendly

iPhones to get periscope telephoto cameras in 2022, says Kuo

Sony’s first vlogging camera almost nails it

Is this modified RX100 a YouTuber’s dream pocket camera?

Dell’s G5 15 SE is both an affordable and excellent gaming laptop

Dell XPS 17 (2020) review: heavy hitter

Power by the pound


Sony Xperia 1 II review: it’s a stretch

The camera system is new and intriguing, but the phone is overpriced

HP Envy x360 (2020) review: AMD wins again

Lenovo’s Flex 5G proves it’s too early to buy a 5G laptop

And with or without 5G, this isn’t a great laptop for $1,399

Everything you need to stream TV

An external lens won’t completely fix your webcam woes, but it has its benefits

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How to enable and use Gmail’s AI-powered Smart Reply and Smart Compose tools

A portable display can make working from your dining room table easier

LG Gram 17 review: lighter than it looks

The best wireless earbuds to buy right now

Whether you’re looking for an everyday pair or something for fitness, these are the best picks

Marshall’s Emberton is a basic but brilliant Bluetooth speaker

Sony WF-SP800N review: noise cancellation for your workouts

With longer continuous battery life than the 1000XM3s — and proper sweat resistance

Level Lock review: smarts you can’t see

Surprise! There’s a smart lock in there

LG Velvet review: sleek, not smooth

LG steps away from the specs arms race

Superhuman’s email app is overhyped and overpriced

Dell XPS 15 (2020) review: new design, familiar problems

A new look with familiar highs and familiar lows

Lenovo’s IdeaPad Gaming 3 is almost a good $1,000 gaming laptop


Fire HD 8 Plus review: the Amazon appliance

Motorola Moto E (2020) and Moto G Fast review: smartphone basics on a budget

Motorola’s least expensive phones give you what you pay for

Asus ZenBook Duo review: two screens, too many compromises

Razer’s Kishi turns your phone into a Nintendo Switch that can play Google Stadia

A Wi-Fi 6 mesh router is the easiest way to get the most from gigabit internet