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As gadgets and services get smarter, they need more data, and face the hard problem of keeping it safe. Data privacy has become a huge problem for Google, Facebook, Amazon, and any company using artificial intelligence to power its services — and a major sticking point for lawmakers looking to regulate. Here's all the news on data privacy and how it's changing tech.

Microsoft reportedly puts TikTok acquisition talks on hold

Three people have been charged for Twitter’s huge hack, and a Florida teen is in jail

Google’s ‘trust tokens’ are here to take cookies down a peg

After impassioned speech, AOC’s ban on US military recruiting via Twitch fails House vote

An Instagram bug showed a ‘camera on’ indicator for iOS 14 devices even when users weren’t taking photos

Facebook Messenger can now lock your chats behind Face ID

Read Twitter’s update on the huge hack — 8 accounts may have had private messages stolen

Federal agencies concerned face masks will thwart facial recognition tech

EU strikes down key US data-sharing protocol, citing threat of mass surveillance

DuckDuckGo reinstated in India after being unreachable since July 1st

Reddit says it’s fixing code in its iOS app that copied clipboard contents

A weakened version of the EARN IT Act advances out of committee

Zoom promises its first transparency report later this year

Feds would be banned from using facial recognition under new bill

Google will now auto-delete location and search history by default for new users

Apple teases new tracking protections and an approximate location feature in iOS 14

Andrew Yang is pushing Big Tech to pay users for data

Dropbox officially launches its own password manager and a secure vault for your files

Anonymous Camera is a new app that uses AI to quickly anonymize photos and videos

Telehealth app Babylon Health allowed users to view other patients’ video consultations

Brave browser CEO apologizes for automatically adding affiliate links to cryptocurrency URLs

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How to secure your phone before attending a protest

Signal announces new face-blurring tool for Android and iOS

California’s statehouse is considering a controversial facial recognition bill

Zoom says free users won’t get end-to-end encryption so FBI and police can access calls

Facebook is making it easier to bulk-delete your embarrassing old posts

Google resumes Chrome’s more privacy-friendly SameSite cookie update

ACLU sues facial recognition firm Clearview AI, calling it a ‘nightmare scenario’ for privacy

Arizona sues Google over claims it illegally tracked location of Android users

UK reportedly planning to phase out Huawei equipment from its 5G networks

Grandmother posting Facebook photos of her grandchildren violates GDPR privacy rule, court says

Thomson Reuters faces pressure over ICE contracts