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Snapchat is adding a TikTok-style music feature

Virtual artist Miquela debuted a music video at Lollapalooza

Facebook adds official music videos in new challenge to YouTube

The Weeknd will perform in a virtual TikTok concert on August 7th

‘Antibodies (Do you have the)’ is the song of our pandemic summer

Spotify podcast consumption doubles as overall listening recovers

Lollapalooza is streaming a special four-day broadcast for free on YouTube this year

Black K-pop fans continue to face racism online

SoundCloud’s co-founders are launching an e-bike subscription service in Berlin

Logic signs to Twitch, exclusively

I talked to Amy Lee of Evanescence about inspiring the world’s worst fanfiction

TikTok turned his song into a creepy meme — until fans took it back

The visual storytelling of Run The Jewels

Spotify will now make you a custom workout playlist

TikTok now has Prince’s entire song catalog

Astell & Kern’s $1,799 music player lets you switch between DACs

Djay’s new feature can automatically separate vocals and drum tracks for mixing

Samsung’s latest special edition phone is a BTS-branded Galaxy S20 Plus

Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Amazon unite in support of Blackout Tuesday

Tidal launches Dolby Atmos Music support for TVs, home speakers, and soundbars

Facebook’s latest TikTok-inspired app is a music-making platform called Collab

Instagram makes it easier to see when you’re broadcasting music you can’t use

Register for early access to transfer songs to YouTube Music

Australia wins first AI ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ by sampling koalas and kookaburras

Apple updates Logic Pro X with Live Loops and step sequencer

OpenAI introduces Jukebox, a new AI model that generates genre-specific music

NSYNC makes it official on Spotify and Apple Music: ‘It’s Gonna Be May’

Jay Z tries to use copyright strikes to remove deepfaked audio of himself from YouTube

The Library of Congress wants to help you remix public domain audio clips

YouTube’s new chapters experiment makes listening to game soundtracks even better

How to watch Travis Scott’s Fortnite concerts

Samsung smart TVs are getting an Apple Music app