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Twitter’s massive outage may be over, company says ‘no evidence’ of hack

Verizon pulls misleading ads claiming its 5G service is ‘necessary’ for firefighters

Here’s how you’ll know when you’re on Verizon’s fast or slow 5G on an iPhone 12

Apple’s revived MagSafe charging standard opens the door for a portless iPhone

OnePlus 8T announced with 65W fast charging and a 120Hz display for $749

Promising a day’s charge in 15 minutes

The iPhone 12 Pro Max could be Apple’s biggest camera jump in years

If you want the best, you’ll have to go big

Apple’s iPhone 12 can wirelessly charge twice as fast, but only with a MagSafe charger

Apple’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini cost $30 extra for anyone who’s not an AT&T or Verizon customer


Apple’s iPhone 12 event: the 7 biggest announcements

The iPhone 12 is here

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max announced with larger displays, updated design, and 5G

iPhone 12 only uses 5G when necessary to save battery life

Apple announces iPhone 12 with OLED screen and 5G speeds

Verizon announces its nationwide 5G network

A short conversation with Jordan Fisher about streaming, anime, and more

He’s promoting Verizon’s new 5G network, though he hasn’t gotten a chance to use it yet

Let’s review Samsung’s big 2020 lineup

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is down to $550 at eBay

MSCHF is going to pay people to hate on brands using viral TikToks

Samsung announces an even cheaper 5G phone

Just cheaper than the OnePlus Nord

What to expect from Apple’s iPhone 12 event

5G alone won’t be enough to justify buying an iPhone this year

Epic judge permanently restrains Apple from blocking Unreal Engine, but won’t force Fortnite

iPhone 12: everything we think we know about Apple’s 2020 5G iPhones, which could be announced on October 13th

New design, new sizes, 5G, all-OLED, and more

Here’s what the OnePlus 8T looks like

Android’s new sound notifications can let you know when your dog is barking

Google Fi now directly sells Samsung phones and adds a new 5G map

Samsung’s Android 11-powered One UI 3.0 update enters public beta in the US