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The Microsoft hub brings you all the latest Microsoft news on Windows 10, Office 365, Surface hardware, and Microsoft's iOS and Android apps like Outlook, Skype, Office, and many more.

Microsoft just force restarted my Windows PC again to install more unwanted apps

Xbox Series X preview: the next gen feels like a PC

A cool, quiet, and PC-like console

These are the Xbox Series X games that will include next-gen optimizations at launch

Microsoft extends Xbox Elite 2 controller warranty after hardware issues emerge

Microsoft’s new-look Xbox dashboard is rolling out this week

It’ll run on all Xbox consoles

Microsoft’s new image-captioning AI will help accessibility in Word, Outlook, and beyond

Surface Laptop Go review: a case study in cost cutting

Here’s Doom running on a Samsung fridge thanks to xCloud

xCloud is an unfinished but inspiring glimpse of how we might game in the future

Microsoft’s cloud gaming service can’t compete with Stadia right now, but it’s getting there

Microsoft’s first Xbox Series X commercial features a lot of Halo

Microsoft is letting more employees work from home permanently

Microsoft is bringing xCloud to iOS via the web

Available in early 2021

Here’s where you can preorder the Xbox Series S and Series X consoles

Microsoft hits out at Apple with its new Windows app store policies

Microsoft Edge now has price comparisons and a really useful screenshot tool

Bing is now Microsoft Bing as the search engine gets a rebrand

Asus’ latest ZenBook Flip S is all about the screen

Winstall lets you bulk install Windows apps with Microsoft’s package manager

New app packs make it easy to set up a new PC

Microsoft’s updated Surface Pro X has a faster processor and new platinum color option

The SQ2 processor and new platinum color are the big additions

Microsoft’s new $549 Surface Laptop Go aims to compete with Chromebooks

Microsoft Outlook was down worldwide for four hours

Microsoft may announce a new Surface Laptop tomorrow

Windows on ARM is about to get lots of apps thanks to new x64 emulation

DuckDuckGo slams Google’s Android search engine auction as ‘fundamentally flawed’ after losing to Bing

Xbox Game Pass is getting EA Play games on November 10th

Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Teams, and other services are back following outage