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‘Instagram can hurt us’: Mark Zuckerberg emails outline plan to neutralize competitors

Antitrust panel says the messages show Zuckerberg trying to buy out his competition

An Instagram bug showed a ‘camera on’ indicator for iOS 14 devices even when users weren’t taking photos

Instagram tests letting people run their own personal fundraisers

Disney has reportedly paused its spending on Facebook ads

Instagram’s TikTok competitor is coming to the US next month

Instagram is launching a new shopping page that’ll highlight brands and collections

Black influencers are underpaid, and a new Instagram account is proving it

The pay gap reckoning is coming

Facebook and Instagram ban all posts promoting conversion therapy

Instagram’s pinned comments feature is rolling out to everyone now

How Twitter is shifting the power balance from companies to their employees

Away says co-CEO Steph Korey will step down this year after her attacks on the media

Facebook and Instagram will remind people to wear face masks

Coca-Cola joins Facebook boycott with a pause on all social media advertising starting July 1st

Unilever will pull ads from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the rest of the year

Instagram’s CEO says the platform is examining how its policies affect black users

Twitter’s version of Stories rolls out in India

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram removed a Trump campaign video over copyright complaint

Jeff Bezos corrects angry ‘all lives matter’ customer email

Instagram says sites need photographers’ permission to embed posts

K-pop stans are flooding right-wing hashtags like #BlueLivesMatter and #MAGA

Blackout Tuesday posts are drowning out vital information shared under the BLM hashtag

Get ready for Instagram effects that move to music

Instagram will share revenue with creators for the first time through ads in IGTV

Instagram makes it easier to see when you’re broadcasting music you can’t use

Instagram adding Guides for recommendations, starting with wellness and COVID-19

Facebook is buying Giphy and integrating it with Instagram

Instagram now lets people delete comments in bulk and is testing pinned comments

Instagram glitch lets people post extra-long photos

Facebook’s oversight board will include a former prime minister and Nobel Prize winner

Candidates can’t campaign, so they’re trying to go viral

Down-ballot candidates are starting to look a lot like influencers

Facebook usage is surging, but the company warns it may be temporary

People can now host fundraisers over Instagram Live