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Researchers become their own lab rats with DIY coronavirus vaccine


There’s unproven tech in the NBA’s COVID-19 prevention plan

‘Antibodies (Do you have the)’ is the song of our pandemic summer

Kodak is branching out into pharmaceuticals with US investment

What happens when you reach your limit online

Antivirus: A weekly digest of the latest COVID-19 research

How the world’s biggest general science society is tackling racism

‘COVID parties’ are a pandemic urban legend that won’t go away

New COVID testing strategy could speed up backlogged labs

How spending more time at home might affect your health

White House reportedly orders hospitals to bypass CDC during COVID-19 data collection

CDC employees say the agency has a culture of ‘racial aggression’

Shoppers are suing over mandatory mask rules, but doctors don’t buy it

Bill Gates says COVID-19 drugs should go where needed, not just ‘the highest bidder’

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After the pandemic, doctors want their new robot helpers to stay

A robotic helping hand in a crisis

Doctors are better at treating COVID-19 patients now than they were in March

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Everything you need to know about the coronavirus

Stay safe

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for COVID-19


Tracing the link between your phone and the next pandemic

Viruses can jump from animals to humans mining minerals that are used to make smartphones

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Sports bubbles are good places to study COVID-19


The Navajo Nation faced water shortages for generations — and then the pandemic hit

No running water is making it harder to fight COVID-19

This isn’t a COVID-19 wave — it’s a tsunami

Alphabet-owned Verily suspended employee bonuses to fund diversity initiatives

Blood donors will help researchers figure out how long novel coronavirus antibodies last

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The new COVID-19 surge may be harder to contain

Two months after last peak, US hits grim new record in COVID-19 cases

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New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut will quarantine travelers from states with surging COVID-19 cases

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The EU plans to ban US travelers indefinitely after haphazard COVID-19 response

There isn’t enough research to know if tear gas causes early periods

Twitter’s audio tweets revealed an accessibility miss, and now the company wants to fix it

Verily rolls out Healthy at Work testing program for companies seeking to reopen safely

Samsung rolls out smartwatch blood pressure tracking in South Korea