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Microsoft’s operations will be zero waste by 2030 

Voters want Facebook to be accountable for climate misinformation, poll finds

Trump’s vehicle emissions rollback faces EPA Inspector General probe

How the world’s biggest general science society is tackling racism

Apple aims to become carbon neutral by 2030

President Trump just made it harder to stop new pipelines

How spending more time at home might affect your health

New Joe Biden plan sees millions of jobs in aggressive climate action

15 states will follow California’s push to electrify trucks and buses

There’s no quick fix for climate change


Tracing the link between your phone and the next pandemic

Viruses can jump from animals to humans mining minerals that are used to make smartphones


The Navajo Nation faced water shortages for generations — and then the pandemic hit

No running water is making it harder to fight COVID-19

Humans left behind a record amount of e-waste in 2019

California makes zero-emission trucks and vans mandatory by 2045

New data zooms in on air pollution mapped by Google Street View cars

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Satellites documented COVID-19’s impact from space

Fire and plague prepared these teens for the world

Through fire and fear, Paradise, California’s teens take control of their lives

Ford aims to be carbon neutral by 2050

Amazon boosts climate commitments and greenhouse gas emissions

Most Republicans and Democrats agree on these two climate strategies

Nearly 20 percent of Earth’s seafloor is now mapped

Lyft vows ‘100 percent’ of its vehicles will be electric by 2030

GE will make taller wind turbines using 3D-printing

Bringing stars back to the Steel City

Black scientists call out racism in their institutions

German gas stations will have to provide electric car charging under new rules

Donald Trump weakens environmental regulations with new executive order 

Rising sea levels could wipe out mangroves by 2050

How one viral video sparked a black birders movement online

It wouldn’t be 2020 without an above-average hurricane season

The Air Force weather team that keeps canceling your rocket launches

Nearly two dozen attorneys general sue Trump administration over controversial fuel standard