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SpaceX’s internet-from-space Starlink system helping first responders fight fires in Washington

David Attenborough broke a world record on Instagram

Facebook says it ‘mistakenly’ suspended hundreds of activists’ accounts

Tesla promises cars that connect to the grid, even if Elon Musk doesn’t really want them to

Tesla to make EV battery cathodes without cobalt

A ‘zombie tropical storm’ just came back to life in the Atlantic

Microsoft’s latest environmental pledge tackles water scarcity

Tropical Storm Wilfred broke a record as soon as it formed

Amazon’s first round of climate pledge funding will tackle battery waste and EVs

Cheaper air quality sensors arrived just in time for the climate catastrophe

Apple is removing the USB power adapter from upcoming Apple Watch boxes

Facebook boosts its climate commitments with pledge to cut greenhouse gases

Google announced one of the biggest green pledges from tech yet

Democrats unveil new agenda for economic recovery and climate action

The sky is on fire in San Francisco, and we flew a drone through it

2020 is set to mark the end of the hottest 5-year period on record