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Iran and Russia obtained US voter registration data, officials say

US charges six Russian intelligence officers with hacking Ukraine, 2018 Olympics, and Skripal investigation

Google says Chinese hackers who targeted Biden campaign are faking McAfee software

Judge in WeChat case appears unlikely to allow US ban to move forward

US joins six countries in new call for backdoor encryption access

Arlo’s new wire-free Pro 4 camera doesn’t need a smart home hub

Eero partners with internet providers to sell its routers to customers

Internet-enabled male chastity cage can be remotely locked by hackers

A shameful security flaw could have let anyone access your Grindr account

Amazon’s palm reading starts at the grocery store, but it could be so much bigger

Ransomware reportedly to blame for outage at US hospital chain

Go read this story about a bizarre harassment campaign by a group of ex-eBay employees

We have a few questions about Amazon’s flying indoor security camera drone

Google can now scan malicious files for Advanced Protection users

Razer accidentally leaked the personal information for over 100,000 gamers, report says

Oracle’s TikTok deal accomplishes nothing

Adding a ‘trusted tech partner’ only addresses a sliver of the national security concerns

Zoom’s mobile and desktop apps now support two-factor authentication

Russian, Chinese, and Iranian hackers are targeting the US election, says Microsoft

Portland passes strongest facial recognition ban in the US

Yubico’s new USB-C security key with NFC could be the one key to unlock them all

You can now download your Twitter data again and see what hackers could’ve nabbed

How to transfer your Google Authenticator 2FA to a new phone

Twitter hack conspirators may include a 16-year-old from Massachusetts

Apple accidentally approved malware disguised as Flash, new report finds

FBI worried Ring and other doorbell cameras could tip owners off to police searches

You can cop-proof your phone, but there’s a better way to stay safe

Android 101: How to stop location tracking

The US government grounded DJI — but here are the five drones it just approved

Bots have been winning T-Mobile Tuesdays giveaway contests

Google Chrome will try to stop you from typing into risky text boxes

Instagram kept deleted photos and messages on its servers for more than a year

Feds are treating BlueLeaks organization as ‘a criminal hacker group,’ documents show