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Once a modest online seller of books, Amazon is now one of the largest companies in the world, and its CEO, Jeff Bezos, is the world’s most wealthy person. We track developments, both of Bezos and Amazon, its growth as a video producer, the popular Prime service, as well as its own hardware, which includes the Amazon Kindle e-reader, Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, and Amazon Fire TV streaming boxes.

Prosecutors are investigating Amazon’s treatment of third-party sellers

HBO Now subscribers can continue to stream on Amazon after all

Amazon has a Marketplace problem

Who wouldn’t want their Echo Dot to look like Baby Yoda?

In the pandemic economy, tech companies are raking it in

FCC approves Amazon’s internet-from-space Kuiper constellation of 3,236 satellites

Amazon doubled its profit during a pandemic

Amazon bought Ring for market position, not technology, emails suggest

The tech antitrust hearing was good, actually

Documents show Apple gave Amazon special treatment to get Prime Video into App Store


What Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple have in common

Amazon doesn’t sell Echo speakers at a loss, says Bezos — unless they’re on sale

Jeff Bezos can’t promise Amazon employees don’t access independent seller data

MacKenzie Scott has already donated nearly $1.7 billion of her Amazon wealth since divorcing Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s Alexa app redesigned to focus on the bits people actually use

What Congress should ask at Wednesday’s tech antitrust hearing

Amazon won’t stream any New York Yankees games this season after all

Antitrust hearing with CEOs of Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple rescheduled to Wednesday

Pivotal tech antitrust hearing officially postponed

Alexa will soon be able to launch Android and iOS apps using voice commands

Twitch launches a new sports category as Amazon pushes for sports dominance

Amazon expands its robot delivery trials to more states

Amazon confirms Prime Day delay in the US

EU probe asks if Apple, Amazon, and other giants are stifling the Internet of Things

Amazon extends work-from-home policy for corporate employees to 2021

Amazon warns Echo Buds owners to update firmware to avoid overheating risk

Amazon’s new smart shopping cart lets you check out without a cashier

Wells Fargo directs employees to remove TikTok from company mobile devices

First Crucible, now New World: Amazon delays another tentpole game after early feedback

Amazon’s Alexa app will soon let you speak commands without pressing the blue button

Everything you need to stream TV

Logitech is already giving up on its Alexa-powered Harmony remote control