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Artificial Intelligence

Machines with brains are the future, and The Verge is here to explain it all. From Google and Facebook’s use of machine learning to rule the web, to cutting-edge research and why Alexa still sucks at conversation. We want to dispel the hype of AI and distill what it is you need to know.

Google tests smart displays that activate without a wake word

Deepfake bots on Telegram make the work of creating fake nudes dangerously easy

Photoshop’s AI neural filters can tweak age and expression with a few clicks

Microsoft’s new image-captioning AI will help accessibility in Word, Outlook, and beyond

Nvidia says its AI can fix some of the biggest problems in video calls

Your next video call might be a deepfake

Twitter plans to change how image cropping works following concerns over racial bias

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Amazon’s AZ1 Neural Edge processor will make Alexa voice commands even faster

Alexa’s latest upgrades help it listen to multiple people and ask clarifying questions

Microsoft exclusively licenses OpenAI’s groundbreaking GPT-3 text generation model

Photoshop’s sky replacement tool makes it easier to fake a perfect sunset

Amazon gives Samuel L. Jackson his own Alexa wake phrase

Nvidia’s $40 billion Arm acquisition is about bringing AI down from the cloud

Amazon Alexa’s next celebrity voice belongs to Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan

Inside Amazon’s $3.5 million competition to make Alexa chat like a human

I learned to make a lip-syncing deepfake in just a few hours (and you can, too)

Google Magenta’s Lo-Fi Player lets you create your own virtual music room

How Google Maps uses DeepMind’s AI tools to predict your arrival time

Machine learning to keep your wheels turning

These students figured out their tests were graded by AI — and the easy way to cheat

"He’s getting all 100s"

Google’s AI flood warnings now cover all of India and have expanded to Bangladesh

How to watch Elon Musk’s Neuralink demo at 6PM ET / 3PM PT

US announces $1 billion research push for AI and quantum computing

Inside Waymo’s strategy to grow the best brains for self-driving cars

The Google spinoff has a head start in AI, but can they maintain the lead?

How a designer used AI and Photoshop to bring ancient Roman emperors back to life

Facebook and NYU use artificial intelligence to make MRI scans four times faster

UK ditches exam results generated by biased algorithm after student protests

A college student used GPT-3 to write fake blog posts and ended up at the top of Hacker News

Pinterest improves and expands its skin tone search feature

Cloak your photos with this AI privacy tool to fool facial recognition

Artificial intelligence is going to supercharge surveillance

What happens when digital eyes get the brains to match?

Virtual artist Miquela debuted a music video at Lollapalooza

“Hard Feelings” transports the CG character to a strange new world

OpenAI’s latest breakthrough is astonishingly powerful, but still fighting its flaws

The ultimate autocomplete

Service that uses AI to identify gender based on names looks incredibly biased

Discord’s mobile app is getting background noise suppression because life is noisy

Rite Aid used facial recognition in secret across hundreds of its stores

Face masks are breaking facial recognition algorithms, says new government study

This is what a deepfake voice clone used in a failed fraud attempt sounds like

Facebook is simulating users’ bad behavior using AI

Alexa will soon be able to launch Android and iOS apps using voice commands